Smart MPC

Smart MPC Apk

Smart MPC is a handy Application to make Music with 16 Pads and a Keyboard.
There are many different kinds of Samples and Instruments, where you can customize everything just as you wish.
Integrated Functions:
– Record (Record current Pattern)
– Play (Play current Pattern)
– Play All (Play through all the Patterns)
– Metronome (Gives you the Rhythm to the BPM)
– Edit Pads (Chose one Sample and click on the Pad you want to change)
– Edit Pitch (Set Rate of the Samples)
– Keyboard (Opens Keyboard)
– Save (Save your Recording)
– Load (Load your Recording / Long press to delete File)
– 2 Tracks to Record
– BPM from 60 to 130 changeable
– Pattern M = Master (This pattern will also play in the other Patterns)
– Volume for each Pads and Keyboard changeable