Songify by Smule

Songify by Smule Apk
Just speak into your Android device, and Songify will magically turn your speech into a song. Join the over 9 million people worldwide addicted to Songify! Songify is the official app of the Gregory Brothers, creators of the AutoTune The News series on YouTube, and other viral video hits like “Bed Intruder Song”, “Can’t Hug Every Cat”, “Double Rainbow”, and “Winning!” Songify has been featured in The ...

Noteworthy Tuner

Noteworthy Tuner Apk
Noteworthy Tuner is a brand new instrument tuner for Android. As far as I can tell, it is the very first tuner that is both free and ad free (all other tuners I found required purchase to eliminate ads). It is also the first open-source tuner for Android. It is intentionally very simple. Just open it up and tune away! Features: - Instrument tuner for: guitar, ukulele ...

Martin Guitar Tuner

Martin Guitar Tuner Apk
Guitar players of every skill level can benefit from this free guitar tuner app from C.F. Martin & Co. Not only can you expertly tune your guitar but you can practice with our ear trainer to become a more efficient ear-tuner. Also included in the app is our custom guitar builder where you can create the acoustic guitar of your dreams. Then you can use ...

Violin Tools Free

Violin Tools Apk
Violin Tools is the perfect complement for your violin practices. It has a very accurate chromatic tuner that you can use to fine tune your instrument's strings. You can also use it while you practice and see if you are playing the right notes. Using a color scale, you will know in which direction you need to adjust your finger positions. Using a high precision ...

FASTUNE! Guitar Tuner FREE

FASTUNE! is a brand new mobile guitar tuner that will help you get your axe in gear quickly and accurately. FASTUNE! is the only POLYPHONIC tuner available for Android devices. This means that unlike other tuners, you can strum all of your strings at once and FASTUNE! will tell you if you are in tune or not. FASTUNE! utilizes the most ADVANCE TUNING TECHNOLOGY on the market! ...

Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner

Pano Tuner Apk
The top rated chromatic tuner on the App Store is at last available on Google Play! Get your guitar tuned just in a few seconds. Never struggle with your tuner being out of battery! Pano Tuner listens to the sound you make and shows you the pitch. You can tune your instrument accurately by looking at the offset from the pitch that you want to tune to.

Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner Apk
Straightforward guitar tuner. Single screen app that starts in auto tune mode. Simply run the app, hit a string and start tuning your guitar. Tune into the orange region for a good results or green for perfection. This app uses your microphone to detect the string being played and indicate if you should tune up or down. Pitch pipe function also included. The standard EADGBE guitar (not implemented ...

Neon green PlayerPro Skin

Neon green PlayerPro Skin Apk
Welcome to the "Neon green" theme for PlayerPro created by Player Skins. Neon green. Breaking all boundaries of creativity, this charcoal grey PlayerPro skin steps up the game of your device with its unexpected, but so lovely inspiration - lights, dreams and fluorescence. This PlayerPro theme is mostly colored in nuances of lively green, which has the ability to rouse beautiful emotions like effervescence. Have a piece of heaven ...

Jellyfish PlayerPro Skin

Jellyfish PlayerPro Skin Apk
Welcome to the "Jellyfish" theme for PlayerPro created by Player Skins. Jellyfish. Go with a crazy, but classy look by getting this navy blue PlayerPro skin that is inspired by the ocean's most fascinating creatures: blue, fluorescent jellyfish! This PlayerPro theme combines distinct nuances of marine blue, which can very often inspire mystery and convey nostalgia. Dark navy blue is hot right now and arty designs are all a ...

GuitarTab – Tabs and chords

GuitarTab Apk
GuitarTab is a viewer / player which provides access to more than 500000 free tabs. It includes GuitarPro tabs, Guitar tabs, Bass tabs, Chords and Drum tabs. Additional there can be searched for information about the found tracks and artists via Last Fm. Features: - Access to more than 500000 guitar tabs & chords - Opens .gp3, .gp4 and .gp5 tabs - Player function for Guitar Pro tabs - Fullscreen mode - ...