Liquid Bear

Liquid Bear Apk

You’ll get absolutely awesome music experience with our online audio player!
Listen local tracks, online tracks, use all features of and VKontakte, find brand new albums via FunkySouls and search for live concerts setlists via All in one – one Liquid Bear.
Epic modes here:
– Fantastic feature – search for newcomers in music world and listening these albums;
– That is fantastic feautre too – Searching for setlists via
– Listening loved tracks;
– charts as Top Tracks, Top Artists, Loved Tracks, Hyped Artist and Hyped Tracks;
– Listening user library;
– Searching for artists and listening their best tracks;
– Similar artists search
– Searching for tag and listening top tracks marked by them;
– Searching for albums and listening them;
– recomendations;
– Radiomix – mix of library tracks, loved tracks and last-week top of user;
– Lastfm neighbours with ability to listen library of each of them;
– Posibility to listen user’s library by username or choosing user from friends list;
– Listening to VKontakte audio;
– VK search