Amp Player

Amp Player Apk

If you like listening to music on the go, you can get this music player today and have fun with it. This app is very easy to use and it is free for all.
If you have mp3 files on your device, or maybe other audio formats – now you can listen to them with this app. You can use it on your way to work or any other time, just put on a set of headphones and listen with full power. Enjoy different songs, or any other audio format that can be relevant to you. This app is suitable to use for everyone (old and young). It supports different file formats. Enjoy the different features that enhance your experience, so you can decide how you wish to hear the things you love. You can of course share it with your surroundings, or with you family members. You can always use this app, with fun and amusement. Chose the mod which is suitable for you and enjoy the player functionality – easily pause any song, play or jump to the relevant section. If you have comments, we will be more than happy to hear them, you can just write them down below and we will try to implement what we can do in the next versions we will publish. You can of course choose to send us an email that specify the changes that you will love to see. It is very simple and hence suitable to less technological people, which are less familiar with other similar apps. We hope that you will choose to use our app as you brand new player and it will be both fun and practical for you. We wish that you will have fun using it and also share it with other. Thanks