MixPads – Drum pad & dj mixer

MixPads Apk
MixPads - Drum pad & dj mixer MixPads – Music maker app and simple way to create your own electronic music and remixes.Dj mixer pad is popular process for music making Key Features: - 30 drum pads with original music loops - 12 creative one shot sound pads for the real time mixing and beat making. Choose the melodies or rhythms - 4 PRO DJ sound effects of studio-quality: LP ...

Digitally Imported Radio

Digitally Imported Radio Apk
Digitally Imported is the premier streaming radio service for electronic music fans. Our newly redesigned app offers over 90 channels of electronic music and an extensive selection of exclusive and first-to-air content you can’t find anywhere else. All of our music is hand-selected by electronic music enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Find your favorite styles including Trance, House, EDM, Dance, Lounge, Chillout, Techno, Ambient, ...

Volume Booster Black Edition

Volume Booster Black Edition Apk
Try this new style volume booster. It will increase your speakers volume up to 10-20%. What sets Volume Booster Black Edition from other similar applications is that when a user activates boost this app not only amplifies the sound to the end, but also uses the built-in Android equalizer to optimize the frequency channels by means of a special algorithm. So the result is a stronger ...

BinZin Folder Player

BinZin Folder Player Apk
If you are using folders for your music then this app is for you. Folders are much more efficient than playlists in my opinion and that's why I made this app without all the unnecessary features (playlists,albums,artists) that I don't need and never use. It supports English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Turkish and Slovak languages.

Xmp Mod Player

Xmp Mod Player Apk
Xmp is a mod player that plays many module formats, including Protracker MOD, Fasttracker II XM, Scream Tracker 3 S3M and Impulse Tracker IT files. - Create new playlists from the menu and long press files and playlists for more options. - Tap the player screen to change visualization modes - Tap waveforms in channel viewer to mute channels - Long press waveforms in channel view to solo channels - ...

Music Player Classic

Music Player Classic Apk
Music player classic contains beautiful user interface with awesome design, themes and skins (now playing screen`s) ! This audio player is inspired by classy, glassy and eye caching design approach. This is yet another unique and best ui (minimalist design) implemented & most beautiful music player app to give your phone a classy look. You will love the graphics and functionality of this mp3 player. Incredible sound ...


PhonoPaper Apk
PhonoPaper is: - format of graphical representation of the sound (music, human voice, etc.); in other words, it is the 2D audio barcode (by analogy with the QR-code); - real-time PhonoPaper-code reader (using the camera); - PhonoPaper-code generator (sound to image converter). Key features: - PhonoPaper-code is analogue, so it is not so sensitive to different types of the image distortion (bad camera, dark picture, wrinkled paper, etc.); at least ...

Mixupload – Free Music.

Mixupload Apk
If you are fond of modern dance music, then MIXUPLOAD mobile app is the best way to fix it on your iPhone or iPad! Mixupload catalog updates everyday with thousands of brand new club tracks & underground hits. The most exciting thing about it is that it has the most clear structure on the market. For example MIXUPLOAD easily allows you to listen to "Club house" ...


AudioBookBox Apk
Audio player with the ability of displaying subtitles from file to srt. Easy and comfortable interface! Easy to use menus to add, delete, and change the order of the books. Easy to switch between the two books in press! Remembers the playback position, volume and other parameters separately for each audiobook. Playing with subdirectories. Supported formats mp3, ogg, mp4, wav, m4a, aac, wma, amr, m4b, awb. Help in learning foreign languages. It is ...

Simple Audiobook Player Free

Simple Audiobook Player Apk
Simple, fast, feature-rich audiobook player. Features: - Bookmarks - Customizable seek buttons, both in app and in notification - Inactivity pause, useful for listening before sleep - Dual pane landscape mode - Light theme - Playback control from headset button