Dude Dancer (Rhythm Game)

Dude Dancer Apk
A rhythm game for your mobile device that will keep you on the edge of your seat, ready to jump up and dance. Great timing and epic combination will make Dude Dancer dance like no other. The better dance moves performed the more the crowd in the club will love you, the more the crowd loves you the more score you will get. Awesome beats with ...

SongPop 2 – Guess The Song

SongPop 2 Apk
Listen to more than 100,000 real music clips from artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, One Direction, Bon Jovi and more! Guess the correct artist and title as fast as you can. Challenge your friends and compete against music lovers worldwide! Master playlists and claim your trophies! What’s New? - PARTY MODE: Compete against hundreds of players in daily multiplayer tournaments! Can you get the most prestigious ...

Sawtooth Sound Effect Plug-in

Sawtooth Sound Effect Plug-in Apk
Notice: This is Sawtooth Sound Plugin for App: Perfect Piano and Walk Band. It can't run alone! Please search and install Perfect Piano first from Google Play to use this plugin. Usage: 1. Enter Keyboard Screen. 2. Select switch instrument icon. 3. Cello icon will automatic show. Select it and load the new sound. Notice: 1. Suggest changes the sustain time through app Settings to make the sound more comfortable.

Beat Rush

Beat Rush Apk
Catch the beat and rush forward! Dodge the spikes and traps! Collect lots of gold on the way to the top! Unlock unique characters for more fun, and level up for more challenges! Beat Rush is your new addiction! With this brand new beat-based action platform game, you will challenge your skills and see what you’re capable of. The gameplay is as simple as one touch jumps and hops. You ...

Smart MPC

Smart MPC Apk
Smart MPC is a handy Application to make Music with 16 Pads and a Keyboard. There are many different kinds of Samples and Instruments, where you can customize everything just as you wish. Integrated Functions: - Record (Record current Pattern) - Play (Play current Pattern) - Play All (Play through all the Patterns) - Metronome (Gives you the Rhythm to the BPM) - Edit Pads (Chose one Sample and click on the ...

Music Runner

Music Runner Apk
The music is your track! Stay on track shifting direction right on time and play the melody note by note gliding through a musical maze. Swipe in the direction of the arrows to dash through the level. Use the accelerometer or your finger to hit the notes. Feel the rhythm of the song to help you play. Complete great combos to get a high sore. Enjoy an immersing musical ...

Toddlers Guitar

Toddlers Guitar Apk
Toddlers Guitar is very funny that allow your baby to be a guitar virtuoso. Your little one will love this Guitar game. When first played, your todddlers and babies may not be able to correctly touch the notes with his/her little hand. Play the Toddlers Guitar game with your baby continuously for a few hours or days, and you will be surprised at the mobile development ...

Drum kit metal

Drum kit metal Apk
What to do if you want to play the drum set, but you do not have it? There is nothing easier! We offer you a simulator drum kit. Play drums anywhere using your phone or tablet. What are the advantages of our app? - The minimum response delay. This is one of the most important factors, since at the long delay you just can not do the ...

Dance Doodle : Joy Music

Dance Doodle Apk
Dance Doodle: Joy Music is a very interesting doodle game which is very easy to control! That’s everyone have a dance doodle party at anytime! You just need to drawing which you like ,that you can create a very wonderful paperman! And the most important is you can save all the works and playback ,that the paperman can dancing with the music! You can enjoy ...

ButtonBass EDM Cube 2

ButtonBass EDM Cube 2 Apk
The Cube includes 31 EDM loops to mix at your finger tips. The beats are automatically synced for your mobile mixing convenience. Tap a cube to start or stop the loop. Mix multiple loops to make your own EDM mix. The bass on this cube goes hard! Hook this app up to your sound system and it will not disappoint especially if you have a ...