Jair Music Player [Beta]

Jair Music Player Apk
Jair Player is an attempt towards making listening to music Perfect using Clean & Intuitive Material UI. The player features an amazing design & set of features for every Music Lover making you fall for it! It is designed considering feedback from Music Lovers. It's a whole new way to ensure smooth music listening experience.

Music Speed Changer

Music Speed Changer Apk
Music Speed Changer allows you to change the speed of audio files on your device in real time without affecting the pitch, or change the pitch without changing the speed. Both speed and pitch may be adjusted together as well. The app is a music looper as well - you can slow down song speed and loop sections of the music for easy practice. Another ...

Country Music

Country Music Apk
We are the best alternative to listen to country music from your android device, ready to enjoy the best and most varied country music. The many country music you'll find will always find plenty of choice and not get tired listening always the same, in this application you will find hundreds of artists and thousands of songs. If you want to enjoy hours of country music, our ...

7digital Music Store

7digital Apk
Shop for new music with 7digital. Choose from over 40 million high quality tracks in our store; download, sync and listen to your music on the go. - A fair and legal music service available worldwide across 42 countries - Browse top album and track charts, new releases, and different genres - Hand-picked music recommendations and reviews by the 7digital team - Hi-res FLAC downloads - High quality 320kbps MP3s - ...

iTag – Music Tag Editor

iTag Apk
A music tag editor on your phone! #Feature *Standard id3 tags support. *Music Title, Artist and Album editor *Support quick search and preview in player *Easy Cover with "lucky cover" *Support mp3, ogg, m4a and flac. #Please send me a bug report before you give 1 star, 1 star doesn't help fixing the problem at all. #Credit: Italian translation by Gabriele Ravanetti. Swedish translation by Magnus Burton.

VideoFX Music Video Maker

VideoFX Apk
Create amazing videos with special effects with your choice of music. Make videos that you’ll be proud to share with your friends ! Create cool home videos in retro and cartoon style. Have you ever wondered how people create those funny animated videos ? Now you can record them too with new Stop Motion feature (available as an extra Pack). To use it Enable Stop Motion ...

BoomCap Free Music Player

BoomCap Apk
BoomCap Music Player is a powerful music player that combines local music access with online cloud services such as YouTube & SoundCloud to create powerful set of music discovery features to give you the best of both worlds, why should you comprise when you can have it all in one music player? Discover and stream the latest urban music (Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae) and videos from ...

Sensor music player

Sensor music player Apk
This music player uses a simple/clear user interface, divided into 3 tabs : - Library : to browse your music by tags or folders (or to use the search tool) - Player : to control the music playback (playing option like shuffle, loop, timer...), and to select the sensor mode required - Tracklist : to manage track playing order Free features : - on-the-go drag'n drop playlist (drag your tracks ...

TSF Music Widget

TSF Music Widget Apk
TSF Music Widget is a 3D widgets of TSF Shell charateristics. By the mere touch of the player you will be able to unfold/fold the 3D album pictures. Meanwhile, you can chose your song only by changing the album pictures. Features: 1. By the mere touch of the player you will be able to unfold/fold the 3D album pictures. Meanwhile, you can chose your song only by ...

Music Flow Player

Music Flow Player Apk
Music Flow Player is an exclusive HiFi wireless audio app of LG. You can use Music Flow Player to listen to music which you listened to using your phone through LG HiFi wireless audio. You can integrate and control to play different or same songs from various places around your house such as smart phone, tablet, PC, etc. at the same time using Music Flow Player. Also, you ...